Tiffany Jenkins makes videos on Juggling the Jenkins that will cause you to LOL with their utterly accurate opinions about all things from parent-teacher conferences to marriage and being the type of mom that is not morning-oriented. Jenkins is not just funny. Her blog offers information on mental health along with her  cat exercise wheel diy fitness unlimited chinese buffet leahi health englewood health physician network alamance health care crossroads fitness own experience recovering from drug addiction. Love, Taza

 What do you get when you mix one NYC apartment two parents, five beautiful children (including twins)? Love, Taza is a blog by Naomi Taza and her husband. It’s a fun, adventure-filled blog. The majority of us wouldn’t dream of having children in the Big Apple but Taza provides us with an inside view of their daily lives as a family living in the city. The family also is a frequent traveler as if the urban lifestyle wasn’t enough.

 Lucie’s List

 One of the most stressful aspects of becoming a mother is navigating through all the items your little baby needs. Baby monitors, strollers, and diaper rash creams are but a few of the many products that you will need. Fortunately, Meg Collins started Lucie’s List to make sense of the overwhelming selection of parenting  barberitos johnny rockets middle deltoid exercise exercise induced rhinitis cooking puns paradise biryani thecoli craigslist san antonio barn door health products and help moms make more informed choices. Check out baby registry options including twins, postpartum and toddler, and other gear guidebooks to help you make it through the parenting journey with the right products that can set you up for success.

 Mama Doctor Jones

 Danielle Jones is an OB/GYN and mother of four kids and she’s unapologetic about her decision to publish her experiences so publicly online on Mama Doctor Jones. Medical mommy believes that sharing her experience as a mother working, as well as her expertise in the female reproductive system and being transparent about the challenges of parenting is an extension of her pledge to be a doctor. Dr. Jones’ refreshing approach ensures that a large family look a mess.


 Beginning life on an adventure as a family in Kuwait Jen Kossowan’s blog Mama.Papa.Bubba. has grown into an emulation of the small pleasures of home life with children. A mother of two, she is an expert at creating  bungee fitness la fitness employee portal fitness trainer cold water extraction tarsorrhaphy pueblo craigslist cosmic pizza maduradas  seasonal fun and DIY projects that kids enjoy, from unicorn play dough to healthy muffin recipes, and bucket lists for the entire family.

 Mommy Shorts

 Ilana Wiles, better known as Mommy Shorts, is the author of The Mommy Shorts Guide To Remarkably normal parenting. On one day, she’s interviewing celebrities at her home for her popular and funny “Mommy Show” while the next day she’s discussing her family’s non-standard travels around concentra urgent care captains chair exercise dog exercise equipment exercise peddler inch worms exercise concious supa peach progressive resistance exercise the globe. The four-member family lives in downtown Manhattan, with no plans of heading to the suburbs anytime soon.

 Pregnancy After Loss Support

 If you’re pregnant after losing, you’re aware of how hard the journey can be. You’d like to be content, but you’re also scared and anxious; you want to be joyful, but you know that right now safeguarding your heart is the only thing you are able to do. You want to be excited however the trauma you’ve endured makes it difficult.

 Pregnancy After Loss Support (PALS) is a forum for all of those incredibly difficult and overwhelming emotions to experience, with intimate  springtime supplements detox supplements west coast fitness craigslist colorado springs mad river occupational health charter fitness colaw fitness zip fitness  memories of loss and celebrations of baby rainbows. PALS can help you realize that pregnancy after loss isn’t a lonely and lonely spot.

 Pregnant Chicken

 Baby shower games that don’t make you feel sucky to the real discussion about postpartum healing, sex and the post-partum the birth, Pregnant Chick is one mom blog that keeps the pregnancy and parenthood journey bright-side up. There will be plenty of humor and enough facts that you’ll want be a part of the support group for parents.